grilling potterhouse steak in medium rare

Cooking steak is an art because you might not have cooked steak perfectly before, then it
might not taste good as it does in the restaurant. Porterhouse steak is beef get from the rear
part of the short loin. Medium rare porterhouse is a task to cook. Here is the recipe on how to cook this porterhouse steak medium-rare.

Step 1: cook a piece of steak that is 2cm thick for 120-36 seconds. Cook the booth side of the
steak for the same time. The smell of the steak will start spreading once it is a cook from both
sides. Once it is well cooked it will be ready for the next step.

Step 2: Turn the steak once other the moisture in it will evaporate. Use the tongs to cook the
steak as this keeps your piece it and it will keep juices of the steak in place.

This will give you better taste.

Step 3: To check whether your steak is a cook or not use the tongs to press the steak from the centre. We observe it that is it ready but the little hardness in the steak says it is under-cooked.

The under-cook steak doesn’t taste good as the cooked steak does.

Step 4: Now take your steak to the plate and cover that meat in the Aluminium foil and let is
set. The time required by the meat to set is almost 3-5 minutes. During this time, the meat
will absorb its juices back and recover its tenderness back. This will also lead to muscle
fibres to relax. Hence, after this, your steak is ready for the recipes.

People love beef. Beef is one of the healthiest and tastiest meats compared to all the other
kinds of meat. People enjoy beef with love. Hence the porterhouse meat of the medium-rare
is so much famous. The consumers always love those beef, which is well cooking. Enjoy this
recipe to cook the porterhouse steak medium-rare.

Consuming steak and which one is better, and it is difficult to decide, but every steak
provides you with the different nutrients to the human body. Hence the consuming the steak
in the right amount is counted beneficial for the consumers. Cook your meals like the chef
with the help of this recipe and enjoy your lunch or dinner and love the beef.


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