Barbecue Grilling Tips for Brand New Charcoal Cooks

Even though many people think about grilling and grilling as the same thing, they’re two very different processes. Grilling is very similar to broiling a piece of meat, as they both use direct temperature, grilling from below and broiling from above. However, charcoal barbecue cooking is more related to the slow cooker, done slowly and at low cooking temperature ranges. Since most people want instantaneous gratification, they generally get their fires too hot, burning the exterior and leaving the inner raw. But don’t forget, life needn’t be like that.

As you start to grill, stick to some of the barbecue grilling guidelines we’ve obtained below. Before you start, rub the grate with vegetable oil or spray some non-stick cooking oil or Barbecue flavor spray upon it. Next, evenly distribute your briquettes under the meat. It takes about 30 of the briquettes to grill one pound of meat or poultry. Understand that the size and style of your grill in addition to the food being cooked and the climate outside will all help establish the quantity of charcoal essential.

When you begin to place the food on the barbecue grill, make sure you space them to allow for the smoke to go into it equally and for even barbecuing. While it’s tempting to flip the meat quite often, instead, turn the meat only one time on the grill. When preparing steaks, you should flip them when the juices begin to bubble up on the uncooked side of the meat. You can tell how well done your meat is by taking a look at how crystal clear the juices tend to be.

Other sorts of charcoal barbecue grilling tips include things like applying sauces which have honey or brown sugar inside them during the later portion of the grilling cycle, perhaps 10 minutes before it is completed to keep the sauces from burning up. Whenever you take your finished meats off the grill, be sure to put them on a clean plate, not the original one you made use of to bring the raw meat outside. The very last thing you want is food poisoning due to bacteria from the raw fish, steak or poultry.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to have a spray drinking water bottle nearby in case of fire flare-ups. It is the flare-ups that blacken your foods and gives them a grilling taste. After charcoal grilling, when the area has cooled, brush the grill with a wire brush to remove any stuck on, leftover meat.

Remember that summer isn’t the only time to enjoy your barbeque grill. Many people enjoy tailgating at sports games, having cook-ins all through the colder weather to watch the Super Bowl or even grilling turkey at Thanksgiving.

By merely following these Barbecue grilling strategies, you’re sure to please everyone, regardless of whether you’re serving chicken, hamburgers or kabobs.