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Welcome to Kent Kirtan Society (UK)

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(Please Note Kent Kirtan Society UK holds the right to any literature, photos, videos, audio and any other type of media from its programs or websites which without any prior authorization cannot be used on any other website or any other media source failure to do so will result in legal proceedings.)

Kent Kirtan Society UK is independent of any Organization, Gurdwara, Committee, Political body or person(s).

Kent Kirtan Society UK has been formed since 2004 to do parchar of the Shabad Guru Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraaj through the United Kingdom with regular kirtan darbars and katha programs with world famous kirtanis and parcharaks.

The main aim of Kent Kirtan Society UK is to arrange kirtan darbars and katha programs with famous ragis and parcharaks who we rarely have a chance to listen to live and bring the youth close to kirtan stressing the importance of comming to the Gurdwara and what one gets from listening to Kirtan and Katha. Kent Kirtan Society UK also holds regular kirtan classes and youth kirtan/simran sessions.


Shabad:Bisar Gayi Saab Ragi:Bhai Harcharan Singh Khalsa (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Wale)